Skin Tag Removal


What are skin tags?

Skin tags also are small benign growths of excess skin cells which look like a small (less than 1cm) mound or flap which protrudes from the body often connected to the skin by a stalk. They can develop anywhere on the body however they most commonly occur in areas of skin on skin friction such as the neck, chest, underarms and groin. Skin tags affect both males and females of any age although occurrence is more common in elderly people or associated with weight gain. Although not painful items such as clothing, bags or jewellery can rub against the skin tag causing them to become irritated.

How are skin tags treated?

A common method to remove skin tags is diathermy. Diathermy utilizes a current to cauterize and dehydrate the skin tag either removing it entirely through the stalk or by causing it to fall off on its own.

Laser treatment can also be used to cauterize and desiccate the skin tag. An anaesthetic cream is topically applied or chilled air are used for increased comfort.

What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

Immediately post treatment the skin tag (if still present) and surrounding area will appear slightly red and may also feel a little warm or itchy however subsides within a few hours. If small the skin tag may only require one treatment. Larger skin tags occasionally require a touch up treatment. Cost for treatment will depend on the number and size of the skin tags.

A comprehensive consultation with one of the Senior Dermal Clinicians is necessary.

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