Injectable Dermal Fillers

What is the difference between anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

Anti-wrinkle injections relax muscles which form wrinkles. The anti-wrinkle injections work best on wrinkles in motion – those which form due to expression but disappear when no expression is made. There are various types of Dermal fillers and various consistencies. Dermal fillers replace volume loss, add support to areas of wrinkles and are used to enhance the contours of the face.

Both types of cosmetic injections can be used-

  •  Luscious Full Lips

  •  Volume Replacement – Facial Injections

Luscious Full Lips

As age advances, facial contours and the lips begin to lose volume, facial features begin to drop and wrinkles form. Specially targeted dermal fillers can be injected strategically in facial areas to replace volume loss, enhance facial contours and reduce the depth of lines. More recently new dermal fillers have been introduced to enhance facial features such as to shape and boost lip volume, contour the face such as redefining cheeks and under eye areas.


Luscious Full Lips

Injectable dermal fillers are used to treat lines which are permanently creased, they are referred to as Static Wrinkles. These dermal fillers are placed beneath the wrinkle or a fold in the skin to add volume and ‘fill in’ the depression to create a smoother appearance on the skins surface. The effect of these injections can range from 9-24 months, depending on the type of product injected. 


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