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Dermal Fillers and Lip Injections in Melbourne

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Dermal Cheek Filler – Jaw Definition – Lip Injections – Melbourne CBD

Dermal fillers are injections of gel containing hyaluronic acid which are naturally occurring in the skin. Injected into the face, they reverse the signs of ageing attributed to volume loss, fillers provide jaw definition, fill under eye hollowness, augment the cheeks and offer fuller pout with lip injections.

Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre’s clinicians, doctors and nurses are highly qualified, with demonstrated excellence in their field and continue training to offer the best injecting techniques. This combination of ongoing education and experience makes them experts in the administration of dermal fillers and popular for many Melbourne locals living and working across the city and beyond.

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Lip filler for Fuller Lips

Create a luscious full lip or balance the existing shape – lip injections are a fast and effective way to enhance the appearance or to replace volume in the lips which has been lost over time. Lip filler can be used to rejuvenate and hydrate ageing lips and mouth, preventing wrinkling of the lip line and lips. Lip filler immediately rejuvenates the mouth and overall facial appearance.

Cheek Augmentation

Depleted cheek volume is often a primary signal of the ageing process, with the migration of natural volume dropping closer to the jawline. Dermal fillers can restore lost volume to the cheeks with no downtime and minimal bruising, if any.

Jaw Definition

The natural sharpness of the jawline frames the face and lends to a youthful appearance. When administered by a skilled clinician, fillers can help to restore lost or sagging volume across the jawline, leading to jowls.

What is the difference between anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles that form wrinkles. The anti-wrinkle injections work best on wrinkles in motion – those which form due to expression but disappear when no expression is made.

Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally made by the body and renders the product very safe to use. There are various types of fillers and various consistencies available.

  • Different fillers for different areas
  • How long do fillers last for?

As age advances, facial contours and the lips begin to lose volume, facial features begin to drop and wrinkles form. Specially targeted dermal fillers can be injected strategically in facial areas to replace volume loss, enhance facial contours and reduce the depth of lines.

More recently, new fillers have been introduced to enhance features such as to shape and boost lip volume and contour the face, redefining the cheeks, jawline and under-age areas.

Injectable fillers are used to treat lines which are permanently creased. They are referred to as static wrinkles. The product is placed beneath the wrinkle or a fold in the skin to add volume and ‘fill in’ the depression to create a smoother appearance on the surface of the skin.

The longevity of filler can range from 9-24 months, depending on the type of product injected. In the same way, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is metabolised by the body, so too are injectables.

Injectable Dermal Fillers for Volume replacement and Lip Filler from $275

To discuss cheek, jaw augmentation or lip injections, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre cosmetic nurses are available. Please call the clinic to arrange a consultation and facial assessment on (03) 8686 5786. With effective injecting of dermal fillers Melbourne locals can obtain subtle and natural definition to their face and lip enhancement.

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