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What is Medical Microdermabrasion ?

Medical Microdermabrasion is a mechanical technique used to resurface the skin and stimulate cellular renewal. The upper portion of skin is known as the epidermis and is composed of several layers of skin cells which normally move to the surface to be shed. It is the outer layer of dead skin cells which accumulates reducing the vibrancy of the skin resulting in dull, thickened, flaky, or congested appearance. Medical Microdermabrasion assists in this exfoliation process, by removing accumulated dead cells, pore congestion, improving the skin’s texture and colour, assisting in reducing fine lines and problematic skin conditions. By reducing the outer dead skin layer, Medical Microdermabrasion also improves the absorption of active cosmeceutical ingredients to result in a smoother, clearer and more radiant complexion.

In addition to improving the skin’s surface, Medical Microdermabrasion has been proven to stimulate rejuvenation in the deeper skin layer through cellular messaging, increased blood circulation, lymphatic flow and oxygenation of the deeper structures.


Microdermabrasion Technology

The Medical Microdermabrasion technology used at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre offers various methods to remove the accumulated dead outer skin cells; by intensive crystals, organic finely ground grain or by encrusted diamond tip. The Diamond Duo Medic delivers a steady, powerful stream of Intensive Diamond crystals as well as fine Organic grain to reveal a clearer, more revitalized and vibrant skin.

For more intensive treatment the dermal clinicians have access to the higher power of the Duo medic system which engages two motors for more rapid crystal abrasion and higher suction to elicit deeper dermabrasive effects.

Diamond encrusted tips can also be used depending on the skin condition and desired effect.

What can be treated by Microdermabrasion?

Medical Microdermabrasion at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre is often combined with Laser treatment, chemical peels and cosmeceutical active skincare to obtain the best results. A comprehensive consultation with a MLAC Senior Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Registered Nurse allows for proper assessment and treatment plan development. Please call our clinical experts on (03) 8686 5786.

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