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Smile Lines Treatment in Melbourne

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Smile Lines, also referred to as peri-oral lines, are the wrinkles that develop around the mouth area. These lines result from the action of muscles at the mouth’s corners during smiling and the natural decline in volume beneath the cheekbones as we age. While Smile Lines are a natural part of facial expression, pronounced ones can contribute to an aged appearance.

Treating Smile Lines in Melbourne: Effectively managing Smile Lines involves a two-step process using Dermal Fillers.

Firstly, precise injections target the existing lines to soften their appearance without overfilling the area.

Secondly, the hollow spaces beneath the cheekbones are subtly filled to enhance the support of underlying tissues, all while avoiding an overly rounded look. This strategy addresses current lines and also curbs the formation of new ones.

It’s important to note that using Anti-Wrinkle Injections to treat Smile Lines is not common due to the risk of affecting the natural ability to smile.

Through Dermal Filler treatment for Smile Lines at our Melbourne Clinic based in the CBD, you can confidently anticipate a rejuvenated and natural appearance, minimizing the visibility of wrinkles.

smile lines

The Process of Smile Line Treatment in Melbourne: Following a thorough assessment to gauge your suitability for Smile Line treatment, the designated area is meticulously cleansed. Your comfort is ensured with the application of numbing cream and anaesthetic in the filler helps to maintain comfort. To mitigate the likelihood of bruising and swelling, a micro-cannula (a fine, blunt-tipped needle) is utilized to restore volume below the cheekbones. Further refinement is achieved using a fine needle to address the lines directly if required. The downtime post-Smile Line treatment is minimal, allowing you to resume your regular routine shortly after the procedure. Temporary tenderness, swelling and bruising might occur, prompting consideration of your treatment timing in relation to upcoming social commitments.

Cosmetic Treatment Solutions for Smile Lines in Melbourne: Within our Melbourne CBD clinic, Dermal Fillers offer an effective means to smooth the lines that might contribute to an older appearance. Our injectors expertise lies in tailoring treatments to your individual needs, ensuring the precise amount of Dermal Filler is administered to harmonize with your facial appearance. The approach is attuned to elements like age-related changes and inherent attractiveness. Our clinicians aim to steer clear of the generic treatment rather than striving instead for a result that is meticulously tailored to you.

In addition to Smile Line treatment, our MLAC injectors may might recommend Lip Filler treatment to augment or restore the volume and definition of your lips, rejuvenating your overall appearance.

A Natural Look for Smile Lines in Melbourne: Over time, frequent smiling can result in visible lines that persist even when your smile fades. The reassuring news is that, with the right approach, addressing Smile Lines is possible. However, an unskilled approach might lead to an unnatural, bulky result. Our injectors refined eye to detail and precise technique ensure a natural outcome in our Melbourne clinic. Avoiding transient filler trends, MLAC clinicians prioritize achieving a subtle yet impactful enhancement that suits your individuality. By targeting volume loss and treating the lines, the area around your mouth can attain a smoother, more vibrant appearance. MLAC clinicians adopt a comprehensive treatment plan for your facial structure and Smile Lines.

The clinicians at MLAC can offer many treatment options providing a holistic approach to treatment. This is important to achieve long term results. With over 30 years professional experience the clinicians draw on their experience to assess and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for the long term. Assisting to maintain a fresh and natural appearance at any age. A Rejuvenation appointment can be booked online for a comprehensive facial assessment including laser options or an injectables appointment can be booked for those who prefer a simpler approach.

Any questions about anti-wrinkle injections? Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre clinicians maintain ongoing excellence in their level of care and expertise. Call (03) 8686 5786 for more information about anti wrinkle injections Melbourne.

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