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Jawline Slimming

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Jawline Slimming

Jawline slimming is a popular treatment of choice among people who wish to achieve a more desirable jawline. A number of factors cause the jaw to widen over time, making it appear broader. While age can be a prominent factor in changing the shape of the jaw, those with bruxism are equally affected.

With the help of cosmetic injectables, our cosmetic nurses offer a solution to slim the jawline without any surgical intervention.

More often than not, bruxism is the main cause of hypertrophy of the muscle in the jaw; the masseter muscle. In treating bruxism, not only can a reduction in the size of the jaw be achieved, but also may assist in reducing headaches, jaw pain, and other conditions.

Bruxism and How It Is Caused?

Bruxism is a condition caused by excessive clenching and grinding of teeth. Generally occurring while you’re asleep, it can lead to teeth blunting, widening of the jaw due to the masseter muscles expanding, problems with the temporomandibular joint also referred to as TMJ, results in the jaw appearing square in shape and can have other flow on effects such as headaches.

  • Jawline Slimming through Injectables
  • Effects of a Jawline Slimming in Melbourne
  • How Long Do the Results Last?

Jawline slimming in Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre can be achieved by anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter muscle.

The injections help to relax the muscle and reduce the squareness of the jaw notably with no downtime. Cosmetic injectables treatment can further assist with chewing, clenching of the jaw, and opening and closing of the jaw, as the temporalis muscle works in tandem with the masseter muscles. The temporalis muscle is also often injected while treating headaches that may be caused due to excessive stress of the muscle.

Once an injectable has been administered, one can begin to see the results in a week. Jaw pain, jaw tension, and clenching of the jaw are reduced significantly while making the jaw appear slimmer and aesthetically pleasing. Typically, the treatment also has no downtime. However, there may be some visible redness, swelling, or tenderness at the treatment site which will subside in a day or two.

The duration of the effects varies from person to person, depending on their lifestyle and other vital factors. Generally, the effects last approximately 3 to 5 months. For more information on jawline slimming call us on 86865786 or book a consultation appointment with a MLAC cosmetic injector.

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