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Clinic Directors and Senior Tania Caputo and Tania Fognini are experts in scar reduction and scar removal, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre have worked extensively in treating a range of scar conditions, managing the treatment of acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars and trauma scars. The clinicians are renowned for their work with cases of victims of crime and scarring, using innovative techniques and state of the art technology for scar removal. All scars on all skin tones are treatable.


Across all types of scar removal, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre has led the clinical scar reduction industry with proven success. From traumatic scars to surgical scars and acne scar treatment, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre directors aim to bring an optimum level of improvement to patients who seek to minimise the appearance of scarring. 

Over the past 15 years in the field of scar removal, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre directors have focused on reduction and remodelling as a specialised area of practice incorporating various techniques. Scars may be treated with single methods or combined methods which may include mixed fractionated laser resurfacing, fractional radiofrequency treatment and skin needling. Other laser technologies may be incorporated that target specific colours within scars to achieve a more even skin colour. Dermal fillers, dermal techniques and topical applications may also be incorporated into a treatment plan depending on the scar condition.

The Dermal Clinician’s experience in treating scarring is essential in obtaining results. As each scar is a product of different causes and origins, each scar is treated individually based on a comprehensive assessment.

The centre directors are skilled in treating a broad catalogue of scar profiles, developing clinically proven methods in treating all types scarring. Both Senior Clinicians have pioneered across many cosmetic methods used in aesthetic practice, originally known for their work in Photorejuvenation and more recently with collagen induction therapy and now again with their scar revision methods, surpassing any conventional methods.

All patients are assessed, consulted and reviewed by either Ms Tania Caputo or Fognini throughout their individualised scar remodelling program.

Burn Scar Treatment

Improvements in lecture, colour, thickness, and contractions can be achieved with combination treatments.

Fractional Laser, RF and skin needling are all used - the combination of techniques and technologies are used by co-directors and clinicians.


  •  Fractional resurfacing - Advanced Fractional MY laser resurfacing reduces scar thickness and surface irregularities in post-burn scars. Fractional RF is also safely used on dark skin tones. Fractional RF is very efficient in also improving the elasticity of post-burn scars and reduces scar adhesions and contractors, improving flexibility and functionality. 
  •  Skin needling or collagen induction therapy has been shown to reduce the appearance of burn scars
  •  Laser treatment for uneven pigment colour through the scar

Tania Caputo and Tania Fognini have worked closely together with the Department of Justice compensation cases to improve burn scars. For further information please call 03 8686 5786 to arrange a consultation.

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    Acne Scars

    Acne scars are most commonly indented, raised and/or pigmented. Using leading technology in acne scar treatment, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre directors have successfully treated severe acne lesions, particularly cystic acne lesions leaving textural alterations including pitted, undulated scars. For more information, click here

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    Atrophic Scar

    Atrophic scars are indented, pitted or sunken scars.

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    Burn Scars

    Post-burn scar formation depends on the depth and the type of burn injury. Except for the superficial dermal burns, all deeper burns: 2nd degree deep dermal and full thickness burns heal by scarring. Scarring is minimised by various physical therapy measures and plastic surgical procedures, but are not eliminated completely.The appearance of split-skin grafted areas and the donor sites of the grafts are also considered scars by patients.

    Patients with scarring after a burn frequently seek to improve the aesthetic appearance of their residual scarring deformities using techniques specifically developed for scar removal. Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre is committed to seeking the most advanced technology scientifically proven treatments to improve burn scar appearance and scar contraction.

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    Hypertrophic Scars

    Hypertrophic scars are thickened, raised scars. They can be red, pigmented or flesh coloured. Frequently, hypertrophic scars are mistaken for keloid scars.

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    Keloid Scars

    Keloid scars present as excessively lumpy or ridged masses of fibrotic tissue which overgrow beyond the original injury. Keloid scars are flesh coloured, pink, or red and they are often itchy. They occur shortly after healing has taken place.

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    Stretch Marks

    This type of scar occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly, such as during rapid growth pregnancy or simply weight gain.

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    Surgical Scars

    Surgical scars are usually undetectable but may occasionally result in red or hyperpigmented thickened and rope-like scarring. The centre directors work with a breast surgeon to offer surgical correction and non-surgical scar reduction options to provide enhanced confidence and appearance.

    All cosmetic surgery scars including liposuction scars are effectively treated. All scar types, including liposuction scars can be effectively treated.

    Different types of scars respond to different treatment modalities. Often several modalities offer optimum results.

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    Traumatic Scars

    Traumatic scars are acquired through accidents. Laser technologies and cosmetic techniques can be used to improve texture and colour and assist in reducing scar visibility.

Different scar profiles respond to different treatment modalities and often several modalities offer optimum results.For assessment of all scar profiles, from surgical to acne scar treatment, Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre clinicians offer reading care and expertise. Call 03 8686 5786 for a comprehensive assessment today.

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