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Gummy Smiles

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Say Goodbye to Gummy Smiles

Transform Your Smile with our Non-Surgical Treatment in Melbourne

Understanding Excessive Gum Exposure:

Excessive gum exposure, commonly referred to as a gummy smile, occurs when the upper lip lifts, revealing a significant portion of the gum line. This particular type of smile can lead individuals to feel self-conscious at times when they should naturally feel happy and at ease.

Managing a Gummy Smile:

The approach to addressing a gummy smile involves a sequence of precise injections of Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant into specific muscles, typically positioned on either side of the nose. This technique effectively relaxes the upward pull of these muscles on the upper lip, ultimately reducing the amount of gum visible during smiling.

Navigating Gummy Smile Treatment in Melbourne:

The majority of gummy smile cases can be managed without resorting to invasive dental interventions. If deemed a suitable candidate, Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant injections are strategically placed near the nose, targeting the muscle responsible for elevating the upper lip. In some instances, additional facial muscles might require attention. This dual-pronged strategy reduces the lip’s elevation, resulting in decreased gum exposure during smiles. Complementing Anti-Wrinkle treatments, the application of Dermal Fillers can be considered to refine the shape and fullness of the upper lip, further minimizing gum visibility during facial expressions and enhances the smile’s aesthetic appeal.

The Anti-Wrinkle injection procedure involves meticulous cleansing of the treatment area before the Muscle Relaxant is administered using a fine needle, ensuring a relatively painless experience. Skilled practitioners execute Gummy Smile treatments with minimal downtime, enabling individuals to swiftly return to their daily routines.

For comprehensive details on Dermal Fillers in the context of Gummy Smile treatment, please refer to Lip Fillers.

Correcting Gummy Smile Treatments in Melbourne:

Our strategy for Gummy Smile treatment revolves around transforming a gummy smile into a natural and appealing one. The proficiency of an adept clinician is paramount in this context due to the intricate nuances of smile anatomy. The careful administration of Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant injections is critical to avoid over-treatment, which can lead to unnatural outcomes, an elongated upper lip, and potential impairment of normal activities such as smiling, eating, or speaking. Our comprehensive approach prioritizes refining the smile while preserving the innate appearance. The result is a subtle yet impactful enhancement that consistently maintains a natural appearance.

Gummy Smiles
Personalized Gummy Smile Solutions in Melbourne:

Within our inviting clinic in Melbourne CBD, a comprehensive assessment will be completed of your facial expression. Recognizing that not all individuals are suitable candidates for this procedure underscores the importance of a meticulous evaluation. Our tailored plan guarantees an outcome that aligns with your distinctive smile and requirements, avoiding standardized approaches and trends. Our clinicians will assess your smile dynamics to ensure you’re guided toward your best and most authentic smile.

Expertise for Gummy Smile Treatment in Melbourne:

Experiencing excessive gum exposure during smiling can hinder your natural confidence and interpersonal interactions. Thankfully, managing a gummy smile through Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants is a straightforward process.

The clinicians at MLAC can offer many treatment options in combination, and a holistic approach to treatment to achieve long term results. With over 30 years professional experience the clinicians draw on their experience to assess and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for the long term. Assisting to maintain a fresh and natural appearance at any age. A Rejuvenation appointment can be booked online for a comprehensive facial assessment including laser options or an injectables appointment can be booked for those who prefer a simpler approach.

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