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Our Story

Drawing on 30 years of experience the degree-qualified clinicians continue to make noted advancements, leading the way for laser clinics that share their field. For more information regarding our services, contact our team today.

Our Journey from 1990 to 2020
About 1990
Established the business

Ambitious and driven Tania Caputo at 22 and Tania Fognini at 21, first established Melbourne Central Beauty Studio which later became Melbourne Aesthetic Centre in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Elizabeth St, working over 60 hours a week to establish their presence in the cosmetic industry.

The directors wanted to develop a new concept that did more than just beauty through liaising with medical professionals and working with advanced medical peels.

They approached several well recognised plastic surgeons to embrace the future of medical aesthetics however they were conservative and narrow minded to their vision. Today, they have become trend setters, leading the way forward.

1991 Tania CImage01991 Tania F
First Year Anniversary

In 1991 the partners celebrated their First year anniversary with cake and champagne and employed their first staff members. This allowed the partners to reduce their 60 hours a week to a more comfortable 40-50 hours. It also assisted in covering treatments while Tania Caputo took time off to be married.

Melbourne Aesthetic Centre 1992
Collagen Injections Services

The centre introduced doctor based cosmetic services which included collagen injections and cosmetic consultations. It was one of the first skin care centre with such services. At the time, injectables was only just becoming popular, following behind the USA trends. A allergy test injection into the forearm was done initially, as collagen was derived from bovine sources. In comparison today Dermal filler injectables are mainstream, with less allergic risks and based with hyaluronic acid gels.

Tania Fognini got married. In March 1992 Tania and Tania became officially sister in laws. This family tie created a strong bond and support for one another and their children throughout the years.

1993 1994 1Cosmetic Tattooing Diploma 1994
Babies & Training In Cosmetic Tattooing

Tania Fognini pregnant and worked right up to the morning she went into labour. To the disappointment of many clients who were booked in to see her that day, she was rushed to hospital for the birth of baby Alicia. Everyone was ecstatic with the news of the first grandchild in the family.

Tania Caputo became pregnant shortly after. Whilst pregnant she continued to further her education and completed her training in Cosmetic Tattooing in Sydney. She trained under Val Glover, a renowned pioneer in cosmetic tattooing.

Tania Caputo’s daughter Natasha was born 11 months after Alicia, both daughters are involved with the company today.

Tania Tania 1995(1)1995
Further Education & New Treatments

Both directors completed post graduate courses in diathermy and electrolysis. This enabled them to offer new services in the clinic, cauterization of benign skin lesions, treatment of capillaries and hair removal.

Later that year the partners completed training in a new concept deep skin peeling system using natural products. The new deep peeling system was offered for acne and acne scarring.

Tania Fognini Epilight Ipl 1998 (2)
Launching The First Medical Ipl Hair Removal Clinic

Finally, in the quest for permanent hair removal, the partners discovered and invested in the very first FDA approved Medical IPL technology through ESC laser technologies. The clinic was the first in Melbourne to offer permanent hair removal in collaboration with a Melbourne based doctor. All the consultations were performed by the doctor as the system was only available to doctors.

Due to the complex nature of the laser system, extensive training had to be provided. An internationally renowned medical laser specialist was flown into Melbourne from the manufacturer in Israel. The training qualified the partners to perform treatment with the first permanent laser hair removal system. The partners later employed a Registered Nurse to perform the IPL treatments to keep up with the hair removal demand in the clinic. They became so busy, that they opened another in the Myer arcade and employed more staff.

Tania Fognini’s second child David was born.

1997 01
Pioneers of IPL Photorejuvenation & Cosmeceuticals

From the introduction of IPL for hair reduction, the directors discovered and further developed IPL Photorejuvenation for skin conditions. Through extensive trialing and testing, the partners were able to develop a range settings to treat acne/acne scarring, improve skin texture, oiliness and colour. Photorejuvenation became a popular skin treatment, superseding standard facials obtaining fast and effective results.

In the pursuit of achieving faster results for their clients, new ranges of cosmeceutical grade skincare were introduced into the clinic, while other centres continued to use beauty products. The partners continued to seek new methods to improve the speed of attaining desired results not only with new technologies but also in skincare.

1998 01
Further Education - Naturopathy

Seeking further knowledge both directors commenced the Bachelor degree in Naturopathy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. It was the first year the 4 year Bachelor degree was introduced. Armed with more knowledge in biochemistry, extensive anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and natural therapies placed them at the forefront of skin science. The attained knowledge also enabled the partners to apply a holistic approach to skin care, taking into account clients’ inner health and consequent effect on the skin. New Vitamin and Herbal supplementation was introduced into the clinic to support skin treatments.

Tania Caputo’s second child Adam was born.

First Website – The New Millennium


The new millennium saw the boom of the internet and Google searches. The first website for Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre was www.melbournelaser.com , it gained momentum over the year, attracting new clients from all areas, including interstate and international clientele.

The availability of laser treatments began to take off, becoming more and more popular, attracting the attention of the medical industry and beauty salons.

Further education - Clinical Dermal Therapies Degree

Tania Fognini commenced the Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Dermal Therapies at Victoria University. It was only the second intake into the new degree. The Bachelor qualification offered knowledge in dermatology, skin pathophysiology, identification of skin lesions, laser therapies and tissue interactions for the treatment of hair, skin and scars as well as wound healing and other dermal techniques and dermal sciences.

Tania Fognini became the clinical educator in skincare and skin science for a cosmeceutical company. This position entailed lecturing to classes of therapists, doctors and nurses about skin, skin damage and skin care ingredients, including chemical peels, their effects and results attainable. Tania oversaw training in the application of chemical peels and sonophoresis technology.

Tania Fognini Graduation 2005 (2)2005 1
Graduation & New Scar Techniques

At her graduation ceremony Tania Fognini was awarded a Bachelor of Health Science - Clinical Dermal Therapies and became known as a Dermal Clinician. She became a full member of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians, supporting the association at meetings and working voluntarily to establish its reputation for high standards in dermal therapy. It introduced Dermal Therapies to the medical/surgical profession and the newly established profession attracted attention from the nursing industry.

Dermal Clinician Qualifications

Dermal Clinicians have completed the Bachelor of Health Science Degree in (Clinical) Dermal Therapies and are full members of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. The Degree qualification specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic skin conditions using advanced medical grade Lasers and Light technologies and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dermal Clinicians work in affiliation with other allied health and medical professionals

For more information about Dermal Clinicians see Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians http://www.dermalclinicians.com.au/

Asds Logo
Clinic Relocation - Laser Clinic Model

The directors relocated the business from Elizabeth St to Lt Collins St, introducing a new concept model laser clinic ‘Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre’. Offering a clinic fully equipped with multiple laser technologies for hair removal and skin conditions and employed staff with Dermal qualifications maintaining a high professional standard. A new website for the clinic was launched.

New scar reduction methods in collagen induction therapy for all scars was introduced. Skin needling using dermarollers, dermal stamps and electrical stamper pen (now known as dermapen). Combined with laser treatments the clinicians became renowned for their results in traumatic scars, gaining popularity from victims of crime.

Tania Fognini was elected chairperson of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians for 2006. The partners continued to support the ASDC and the Dermal Clinicians strive for due recognition in the medical aesthetics industry.

Tania Caputo Graduation 20072007 1
Graduation, Rf Technology & New Injectables

Tania Caputo was awarded a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Dermal Therapies and became a Dermal Clinician and a full member of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. She also attended the meetings and voluntarily worked to support the growing industry.

Tania Caputo’s thesis on RF technology inspired the introduction of radio frequency body contouring and tightening treatments in the clinic. As the new bipolar technology was only available to doctors at the time, the partners negotiated in offering the treatments to their clients at an East Melbourne day hospital. After several months, the treatment gained popularity and was finally able to be offered from their own practice in Lt Collins Street, Melbourne.

2007 also saw the full range of cosmetic injectables introduced into the clinic. The new type of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections were performed by a Registered Nurse or Female Doctor.

Collaboration With Female Plastic Surgeon

For over 9 years the partners collaborated with prominent female Plastic Surgeon Ms Niamh Corduff, offering laser treatments and scar reduction in both Melbourne and Geelong clinics. Through this period Tania Caputo and Tania Fognini were involved in trialing the new fractional ablative and non-ablative laser technologies at the time. Many laser technologies were trialled and tested and introduced to both clinics.

Surgical Scar reduction techniques were further developed involving fractional ablative laser and introducing combined scar treatment methods with precision cautery and needling. In particular keloid scars and hypertrophic scar treatment methods were developed. The new combination techniques proved relevant to treating other scars; traumatic scars, acne scars and burn scars.

New Website Image 2012
New Website For A New Landscape

A new website was launched www.lasermelbourne.com.au. The website reflected the new scar treatments and the new laser technologies available. As the industry evolved so too did the presence online, keeping up within the new online landscape of the Dermal industry. The website not only promoted new treatments, but also the higher qualifications and extensive experience of the MLAC team. The online store was introduced allowing clients to purchase skincare that was otherwise only available in clinic.

Bachelor Of Nursing

Both directors commenced their Bachelor of Nursing degree through Central Queensland University, flying up regularly to complete tutorial, practical classes and exams. Clinical nursing placements were based in Melbourne hospitals, completing their medical/ surgical, critical, chronic - dermatology and rehabilitation placements.

Acco Dermoscopy Course & Daughters Join Mlac

Both directors completed the post graduate Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy at the Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology for the identification for skin cancers and skin lesions. They continue to work closely with a skin cancer centre and dermatologists in cases of suspected skin cancers.

Both of the director’s daughters became involved in the company; Alicia Caputo is responsible for the marketing, advertising, social media and event management. Natasha is the clinic’s patient/doctor co-ordinator and is currently studying medicine.


With the advancement of laser technologies, the MLAC directors were the first in Victoria to offer the state-of-the-art Mixed Laser Technologies in both Laser Hair Removal 755/1064nm and skin resurfacing/ scar removal using the mixed CO2/1540nm laser. Mixed laser technology utilizes gold standard wavelengths combined together for superior results. See TV commercial

2017 - 2019
Fashion Aid 2017 Copy (1)
  • Monash Children’s Hospital – Dandelion Wishes Foundation
  • Fashion Aid - Leukaemia Foundation
  • Breast Cancer Network Australia
  • Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre
  • Children’s charities – world festival of magic, circus
  • Melanoma March – Melanoma Institute Australia
Our Story

The MLAC ladies pictured from left to right: Alicia Caputo, Natasha Caputo-Oddo, Anita Wang, Tania Fognini Tania Caputo, Miriam Selton, Monique Tuma and Briana Ciavarella. Fur babies: Cupid and Simba.

The year began with the fires and then came the COVID-19 restrictions, however 2020 represents 30 years in the cosmetic industry for the partners. This year is a celebration of their 30th year Anniversary. Over the years Tania & Tania, have been trail blazers leading the industry, and renowned for their contribution to innovative dermal and scar techniques.

The incredible “MLAC Ladies” have been part of the company for many years and consider themselves as the MLAC family. MLAC encourages professional development, ongoing education and training, ensuring the latest evidence-based practice and cutting-edge techniques.

“A big THANKS to Sarah Darby for our amazing 30th Year Anniversary illustration of the MLAC Ladies and our fur babies!“

Our History

The Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre was established by its co-directors; Ms Tania Caputo and Ms Tania Fognini in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD in 1990. In the early 1990’s the partners were the first health professionals to successfully develop and promote an innovative Skin Clinic in Melbourne called Melbourne Central Beauty Studio and then later Melbourne Aesthetic Centre.  Through liaison with various medical professionals, the partners worked with a wide range of medical peeling products enabling them to achieve far superior results to any other centre during that time. The Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre became a highly reputable and successful company incorporating chemical skin peeling, cosmetic injections and were the first to offer IPL technology in 1996.

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