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Cherry Angioma Removal


What are Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are also known as Campbell De Morgan spots or Senile angiomas. They are red flat or raised papules on the skin containing a proliferation of blood vessels. Their occurrence increases with age and are most commonly found on the torso, however can be found on any part of the face or body. Their size varies from less than a millimetre in size up to a centimetre in diameter. As they may be quite unappealing Cherry angiomas can be easily removed with laser or diathermy.

Although cherry angiomas are pretty common, their cause cannot be pin-pointed. However, certain factors have been known to play a role in the development of cherry angiomas. Some of these include:

  • ● Sun exposure
  • ● Ageing
  • ● Pregnancy
  • ● Malignancy
  • ● Genetic mutations
  • ● Medication
  • ● Human herpesvirus-8

Cherry angiomas are harmless and asymptomatic. The presence of cherry angiomas on the skin do not cause pain or other effects. However, picking at them or any trauma caused to them can lead to bleeding.

With cherry angiomas being harmless, getting the condition treated is not medically necessary. One can live with the angiomas without them causing any harm or hindrance to their lifestyle. However, people do opt for a cherry angiomas treatment for aesthetic purposes. If the angiomas are present in areas that are generally visible to others, getting the condition treated can remove all signs of angiomas effectively.

Cherry Angiomas Treatment
  • How are Cherry angiomas treated?
  • What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

A cherry angiomas treatment involves specific laser technology which targets the red vessels. The blood and vessels coagulate instantly providing immediate resolution. Most Cherry angiomas require a single treatment, with a possible touch up treatment for the larger or more bulbous ones.

Alternatively, fine probe diathermy utilizes a mild current which provides cauterization of the vessels and coagulation. This method is particularly successful and can be a cost effective alternative.

At Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre both laser treatment and fine probe diathermy are available.

Immediately after the laser or diathermy treatment, the area is mildly inflamed. This usually resolves within a few hours to a few days (depending on size). The treated angiomas may appear blanched or darkened following treatment. The result is evident within a few days following treatment depending on the size. Any micro crust is kept moist with use of Bepanthen ointment until it resolves. A calming Jane Iredale mineral makeup powder can be applied on facial areas post treatment, aiding in covering any redness and provides a SPF 20 for sun protection.

Typically Cherry angiomas do not reoccur, however new ones are likely to appear with time. Clients may find that they need to treat any new ones which develop every 2 to 3 years to maintain clearance.

The cost of a cherry angiomas treatment is assessed during consultation, taking all factors into consideration.

A comprehensive consultation with a MLAC Senior Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Registered Nurse allows for proper assessment and treatment plan development. Please call our clinical experts on (03) 8686 5786.

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