What are Fine lines?

The development of Fine lines is one of the first signs of ageing. Factors such as skin phototype, genetic predisposition, lifestyle and environmental conditions such as sun exposure affect the severity and appearance of fine lines. Active cosmeceuticals and diligent sun protection can assist in reducing the signs of ageing; however they can be effectively treated with a variety of laser modalities.

How are Fine lines treated?

Fine lines respond to different treatments to varying degrees; these include mild treatments: medical microdermabrasion, chemical peels, to more effective laser technologies: laser rejuvenation, Q Switch laser toning, Fractional RF resurfacing. The expert Dermal Clinicians at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre will assess the cause and severity of the Fine lines in a comprehensive consultation in order to tailor a treatment plan. During the consultation various modalities and treatment plan options are explained to ensure their suitability, align with expectations and offer optimal results.

What are the immediate post treatment and long term results?

Depending on the treatment modality immediate post treatment effects can vary from mild inflammation to moderate redness for a few days. In the weeks following each treatment the skin displays an improvement in plumpness, a reduction in fine lines and a visibly firmer appearance. Fractora - Fractional RF treatment offers the most outstanding results without the downtime of laser skin resurfacing for fine lines, it not only assists in the re-texturizing the surface but offers skin tightening and stimulation of new collagen.

Cost for treatment modalities is assessed according to the requirement. A consultation is necessary with a one of the Senior Dermal Clinicians or Cosmetic Nurses.

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