Over 20 years experience Cosmetic Tattooing

Our Professional Cosmetic Tattooist - Tania Caputo

Cosmetic tattooing defines and enhances features.

Eye Liner - upper and lower

From fine delicate line to enhanced tapered effects. Upper and lower eyeliners that define the eye shape and enhances eye colour.

Eye brows

The right shape brow frames and enhances the eyes.


Lip line

A fine line is applied to the edge of the lip and blended into the lip for an enhanced lip shape and colour.

Full lip colour

Restoring and enhancing lip colour. For luscious lips.


Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing

It is ideal for women who are always on the go and have no time to apply make-up every day.

Women who have been allergic to cosmetics and have not been able to wear make-up can do so now.

Men and women with pale, thin, or poorly defined lips can go in for cosmetic lip tattooing. Women do not have to worry about leaving lipstick marks anymore. 

Extremely oily skin can cause your make-up to smear. However, with this tattooing you do not have to worry about your smeared make-up anymore.

Women who wear contact lenses and are not able to wear eyeliner, cosmetic tattooing gives you a chance to sport eyeliner top and / or bottom.

It helps women who are suffering from arthritis or cataracts and are unable to apply make-up on their own.

Medical applications of Cosmetic Tattooing

  •  Areola re-pigmentation - Cosmetic tattooing can recreate the areola surrounding the nipple on a breast after a reconstructive surgery
  •  Alopecia (hair loss) - restore colour
  •  Vitiligo – restore colour
  •  Scars – improve colour, camouflage
  •  Cosmetic tattooing in anticipation to hair loss through planned chemotherapy.

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