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Russian Lips Fillers in Melbourne

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Russian Lips Filler in Melbourne

Russian Lips have gained popularity as a trending lip fillers’ technique, not just in Melbourne, but across the world. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that these give your lips a beautiful lift to accentuate and enhance their appearance – without the need for heavy make-up!

  • What defines the Russian Lips look?
  • What can you expect during the Russian Lips procedure?

Inspired by the Russian matryoshka doll, this technique imparts a distinctly different look as compared to standard lip fillers – as the focus is on enhancing the cupid’s bow to achieve volume and height in the mid-section of the lips, while maintaining a relatively flatter side profile. This creates a charming and sensual heart-shaped centre.

This technique isn’t for everyone though, it works best on those with a thin upper lip, or a longer philtrum (distance between the base of the nose to the top lip), as it adds balance and harmony to the face.

The technique for this procedure completely differs from that of the standard lip fillers offered at our Melbourne CBD centre in the sense that they are injected from the inside-out, as against from the outside-in approach in the standard approach.

The first step entails having a consultation with our highly experienced dermal clinicians, who will take a look at your medical history and determine your suitability for the procedure.

The procedure can take anywhere between 30-45 minutes, depending on the results required. Your MLAC injector will first numb your lips using a cream, so that you do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Once the desired numbness is achieved, tiny droplets of filler are vertically injected at strategic points on the lip, starting from the base of the lip and moving towards the top of your cupid’s bow. This technique not only widens and opens up the lips, but also minimizes the risk of filler migration which leads to a trout pout.

One of the best things about this procedure is the fact that the results are quick and there is no downtime. You could resume your regular activities as soon as the procedure is done.

The experienced dermal clinicians and cosmetic nurses at MLAC specialise in Russian Lips’ techniques that give natural looking results. However, it is important to note that you would need to have any previous fillers dissolved before you go in for this procedure. If you wish to have a perfect pair of beautiful Russian Lips, you could book a consultation at our Melbourne centre.

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