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Skin Needling

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Skin Needling Techniques

At Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre the expert dermal clinicians use a variety of Skin Needling techniques and equipment to produce unparalleled results in scar reduction and collagen induction therapy. Each case is assessed and treatment is tailored to the specific scar or skin condition.

The expert dermal clinicians apply specialised techniques including combined methods to obtain outstanding results using Dermarollers, Dermapen, Dermastamp with varying needle lengths. The treatment is performed under sterile conditions with single use equipment and methodology.

The co-directors Tania Caputo and Tania Fognini are experts in scar revision and keep abreast with the latest research and techniques in the treatment of all scars including Burn scars.

Is Medical Skin needling the same as Dermapen?

The Dermapen is an electrical device that uses vertical needle penetration. It creates infusion channels into the skin to hydrateand infuse skin stimulating ingredients. It aims to mildly stimulate rejuvenation using fine vibrating needles with less penetration and less intensity than medical Skin needling.

Skin Needling
  • How does Medical Skin needling / Collagen induction therapy (CIT) work?
  • How long does medical Skin needling take to heal?
  • What are the benefits of Skin needling?
  • Indications for skin needling
  • How to book for a medical skin needling procedure

Medical skin needling is the process of inducing the skin’s own natural collagen production, stimulating repair and remodelling of scar tissue. The stimulation of Collagen is naturally induced by the action of skin needling. This process results in the skin undergoing the three stages of healing and repair; the inflammatory phase, the proliferative/repair phase and remodelling phase. Skin needling relies on the body’s natural healing and remodelling ability.

The procedure involves sterile titanium needles either by rolling or stamping modes to penetrate the skin. This action causes thousands of micro-injuries triggering the repair process. The minor injury causes a cascade of growth factors which leads to the attraction of specific blood cells that are recruited to the site of injury. Platelets release growth factors that induce repair and attract other blood cells including the key players in this event known as the Fibroblasts.

Skin Needling targets the Fibroblast cells which are responsible for the production of collagen. The growth factors released by the procedure signal repair and remodelling leading to the stimulation of fibroblast cells to lay down new collagen, increasing the amount of collagen in the dermis and to remodel scar tissue.

Over several weeks the result is an increased amount of collagen fibres, a thickening of the dermis thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in texture as well as a remodelling and reduction of scars.

A comprehensive consultation with an expert Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre Dermal clinician is imperative to assess the skin or scar condition and any medical conditions and medications that may interfere with this process.

The rate of healing depends on the depth of penetration and the amount of needling performed. Generally skin needling, collagen induction therapy and scar remodelling is induced from 1.0 – 3.0 mm lengths needles.

Healing takes place within 24-48 hours after the procedure, the epidermal skin cells (Keratinocytes) proliferate close to the surface of the skin, re-establish the basement membrane and begin to thicken the epidermis.

Fibroblast cells produce growth factors which orchestrate the migration of fibroblasts into the injured site at 48 hrs after skin needling and begin to produce collagen types I & III, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and proteopglycans in the upper dermis. Collagen III predominates and reaches its maximum by day 5-7 after the skin needling. Results can be seen within weeks of the treatment.

However, tissue remodelling continues for several months after the skin needling procedure. As collagen type III is gradually replaced by collagen I improvements can be observed over a period of 12 months or more.

Skin needling creates a temporary minor skin injury which results in the thickening of the skin, tightening and remodeling of scar tissue. Healing is fast with the option to wear makeup 24 hours post treatment. In the following weeks after the Skin needling procedure, the skin increases in thickness through the body’s natural processes, depositing new collagen thus proving beneficial for scarring, thin or crepey skin conditions and dilated capillaries.

An appointment for skin needling requires an initial consultation, assessment and plan.

Call Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre for a consultation on (03) 8686 5786.

If travelling from rural areas, interstate or internationally a distant consultation can be arranged or booked simultaneously; call or email the centre to arrange this process with Tania Caputo or Tania Fognini.

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