What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are generally considered an unwanted but inevitable sign of aging. There are two categories of wrinkles: Dynamic, those which appear from movement of facial muscles, or static, wrinkles that are always present even when the face is not moving. Eventually dynamic lines become static.

Factors such as skin phototype, genetic predisposition, lifestyle and environmental conditions such as sun exposure affect the severity and appearance of wrinkles.

How are Wrinkles treated?

Wrinkles can be treated with a variety of laser technologies, cosmetic procedures including cosmetic injections. Depending on the cause of the wrinkles the Dermal Clinicians may advise advanced treatments such as laser resurfacing, Fractora – Fractional RF resurfacing, laser toning and cosmetic injections. Generally, the deeper and more static the wrinkle, the more intensive the treatment plan. The treatment plan often combines the benefits of several procedures to optimize results.

What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

Laser treatments that target Wrinkles work to stimulate increased dermal collagen as well as the address the surface condition of the skin. Cosmetic Injections can fill or reduce the Wrinkle crease and are recommended in combination with laser treatment to optimize and maintain results.

Depending on the treatment modality used, See Fractora - fractional RF resurfacing, laser toning, skin needling, fractional laser resurfacing, anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal fillers.

A comprehensive consultation with one of the Senior Dermal Clinicians is necessary. Cosmetic Injections are performed by Plastic Surgeon Niamh Corduff.

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