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Winter Skin Makeover

Winter Skin Makeover

Brrrr! The big chill has arrived in Melbourne…. As some people start to hibernate, others plan their anti-ageing regime; diet, exercise, supplementation and facial rejuvenation.  It’s time for your winters’ resolution, a skin makeover.  As there is significantly less ultra violet light, it is the optimal time to have intensive laser treatments and to boost your skin with high strength cosmeceutical skincare products.

Many rural and interstate clients travel to Melbourne to have their YouLaser MT fractional treatments done at this time of year. Laser resurfacing with the state of the art YouLaser MT (Mixed laser technology – Co2 & 1540nm) offers exceptional results in skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.  Revealing a clearer complexion, tighter and a more radiant appearance in time for the warmer climate and holiday period is the goal for many.  

It is also an opportune time to boost your skin with higher strength Retinols and Retinoids. Vitamin A is THE skin Vitamin. It is recognised for its anti-aging effects; in regulating cellular function and differentiation, stimulating cellular turnover, collagen production and improving pigmentation and texture. The Biopelle range has effective Retinol serums in 0.5%, 0.75% and 1% strengths. 

As the cold temperatures set in, it is also important to protect our skin from the dryness and dehydration that consequently follows.  The best moisturizer for the skin will generally depend on which type of skin you have, however the new Biopelle Tensage Advanced cream moisturizer and Tensage Soothing cream moisturizer are popular choices as they calm and protect the skin using Bio-repair factors. In the evening, add Biopelle Tensage ampoules or serum with Bio-repair factors for extra hydration, repair and rejuvenation.

Your face is your trade mark….. you deserve to wear it with pride!

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