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Treatment Options To Cope With Acne Scars

Laser skin treatment has quickly gained ground and many women and even men are choosing this as the best acne treatment in Melbourne.  There are many types of acne scars and varying procedures for scar removal in Melbourne.

Most of these treatments can only help minimise the visual effect of the scars and there is the potential that scars may not disappear totally.

These procedures are proven to be the best options to working with the effects of acne and have had, after consistent treatments many positive results.

What Are The Different Types Of Acne Scars?

Certain acne scars can be permanent while some others disappear with time. Broadly, Acne scars can be classified as:-

  • Skin discolouration – Pigmentation, usually dark spots, (purple or red) caused by the acne lesions. This pigmentation may remain visible for several months after the lesion caused by acne has healed.
  • Macules – flat, red spots appearing around the location of an earlier acne lesion. These can persist for several weeks and fade away without any intervention.
  • Lost tissue – Acne scars resulting from lost tissue is more common compared to scars from raised tissue. These are also classified as atrophic macules, ice-pick scars, soft scars, etc. Generally, they may look sunken and resemble small pits in your skin.
  • Tissue scars – certain types of acne scars can appear like raised and enlarged growths of the tissue. These are called keloids and are attributed to excessive collagen production in the skin.
Acne Scar Removal – Your Options

When it comes to acne scar removal treatment in Melbourne, you have several options. In instances where you are not emotionally impacted and can wait till the acne scars disappear over a few weeks, you may not need to hunt for a treatment.

When scarring is more severe and your skin is impacted with a variety of the more concerning types of scarring like  ice-pick, box car scars etc. then there are many solutions and treatments you can undergo to help minimise your post acne scarring.

The first step is contacting a competent and experienced professional to determine the type of acne scars you have and the best method of treatment that can get you the desired relief and find ways to prevent scarring in future.

Common Treatments For Acne Scar Removal

Following are among the different treatments available for acne scar removal Melbourne:

Chemical peels – This is helpful in reducing the appearance of acne scars that are shallow and present pigmentation around an acne lesion that has healed.  A chemical peel can be administered by a nurse, spa aesthetician, doctor, or other dermatology professionals. The process consists of a chemical application to the affected part of the skin so as to remove the outer layer and give it a smooth and even appearance. This process may result in peeling and redness for some days after the procedure relative to the strength of the acid used in the process.

Dermabrasion – This is a very effective method of acne scar removal using a high-speed brush or suitable instrument for resurfacing the skin and removing or reducing the depth of the scars. The healing process typically takes several days.

Micro-dermabrasion – This is a less intensive form of dermabrasion and an aesthetician or dermatologist will spray tiny crystals instead of using the high-speed brush for removing the surface skin. You may need more than one sitting but no downtime is involved.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is helpful for resurfacing skin without using scrubs or chemicals. The uppermost layer of your skin is removed revealing the young skin cells beneath helping reduce the appearance of the scarring.

However, everyone cannot opt for this treatment and the success depends largely on your skin type. Certain reactions should also be expected in some cases, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Depending on flat or raised scars, different types of lasers are employed and multiple lasers may also be required. Healing may take several days with laser skin treatment.

On-going treatment plans with your skin professional and dermatologist must be managed effectively in order to provide you with the best possible results.

Dermal fillers

Substances like hyaluronic acid, collagen or fat can be employed for filling out some variants of acne scars, particularly when the skin has a depressed appearance.

Dermal fillers eventually absorb into the skin therefore repeat injections would be needed depending on your treatment plan and results.

Dermal fillers are usually recommended to be received every two-months.

Dermal filler treatment does not require any down-time.

Skin grafting

A small piece of your normal skin will be used by your dermatologist for filling in the area that presents the scarred skin. Usually, skin grafts are derived from behind the ear. This technique can also be helpful when acne scar removal procedures like dermabrasion leave large tunnels in the skin.

Punch excisions

This is a type of surgical procedure for acne scar removal focused on excising the scars individually or cutting off the scar. The resulting hole is repaired with the help of stitches or a skin graft.  This technique is largely helpful for patients with pitted scars.

All acne scars are not similar in nature and therefore consulting competent professionals is the best way to ensure that you get the right acne scar treatment in Melbourne.

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