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The Magic Behind Chemical Peels!

The Magic Behind Chemical Peels! Why Chemical Peels Are The Best Treatment For Your Skin!

Perfect skin is just around the corner, and at Melbourne Laser Clinic, we can help you get there!

Since we’ve discovered and introduced the magic of chemical peel treatments into our store available to all of our clients, the results have been absolutely GLOWING!

As trained professionals, we explore the many benefits of all of our skin treatments extensively and love working closely with each of our clients to help them achieve their skincare goals!

Our chemical peel treatments are proving to be the lead in skincare treatment for many of our clients and here’s why!

Improve colour, tone and texture

Chemical peel treatments improve the overall texture of your skin within 3-6 treatments. Your skin will become much more naturally balanced and overall softer and smoother.

Stimulates collagen reproduction and healthy cell renewal

Chemical peels are known to accelerate cell turnover and reproduce healthier and stronger collagen to improve any issues in the skin and protect the skin barrier much more effectively.

Assists with sun damage

Any pigmentation and sun damage caused to the skin will be immediately rectified with a few chemical peel facial treatments. Over time, chemical peels will assist with reducing discolouration in the skin, making your skin look brighter and renewed.

Assists with breakouts and acne prone skin

Chemical peels after roughly 4-6 treatments will assist with removing and managing the bacteria that causes breakouts and acne. Chemical peels will also help renew the skin post-breakouts and help with reducing pigmentation and post acne marks.

Increase skin hydration

Chemical peels do not strip away the natural oils and moisture within your skin. If anything, chemical peels help balance your skin’s hydration levels to maintain a healthier moisture balance and a better glow!

Anti-ageing benefits

Certain chemical peels are great for reducing the signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation! Look younger, feel younger, glow longer with our chemical peels at Melbourne Laser Clinic.

Assists with scarring and visible skin damage

Post acne marks and scarring can be a very big issue and emotionally debilitating skin problem for any of our clients. Our chemical peels are known to assist with slowly repairing the skin from skin lesions and visible acne scars to better the texture and tone of your skin.

At Melbourne Laser Clinic, our chemical peels are made from a variety of different compounds. Our most popular chemical peels contain fruit peels, glycolic and lactic acid which are all great for exfoliating away the dead skin cells and impurities sitting on the surface of your skin that clog pores, whilst regenerating cell growth and better collagen reproduction to repair your skin and help with improving it’s texture, colour and tone.

To book in a skin consultation or your first chemical peel treatment with one of our lovely staff, please feel free to call us on: (03) 8686 5786

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