What are Spider Naevi?

Spider naevi consist of a small red central vascular lesion surrounded by multiple tiny blood vessels which branch out from the centre creating a spider like appearance. They generally range from 5-10mm in diameter. Spider naevi mainly develop on the face, and can also occur on the upper half of the body. Although generally asymptomatic spider naevi may be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as cirrhosis of the liver, however they can also appear in healthy people, especially pregnant women, and even as a side effect of medication.

See telangiectasia / broken capillaries for more information.

How are Spider naevi treated?

Spider naevi are treated in the same way as broken capillaries with Vascular laser treatment and/or diathermy.

What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

see broken capillaries

A comprehensive consultation with one of the Senior Dermal Clinicians is necessary.

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