What are smoker’s lines?

Repetitive movement of facial muscles can contribute to the development of deep lines and wrinkles. People who smoke (women in particular) are prone to developing more prominent lines and wrinkles around the mouth and at the outer corners of the eyes (crows feet). Smoking increases free radical damage, resulting in an accelerated aging process. However, non-smokers commonly suffer from these deep lines as genetics and environmental influences are also contributing factors.

How are smoker's lines treated?

There are many combination laser and RF fractional treatments for deep lines on the upper lip, around the mouth and around the eye areas. The expert Dermal Clinicians at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre will consult and discuss in detail the recommended treatment plan. Cosmetic injections are usually recommended as maintenance. Cosmetic Injections do not change the quality of the skin, but rather they add support and relax muscles which serve to optimize results.

What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

Depending on the treatment modality see: Fractora, laser toning, skin needling, fractional laser resurfacing, anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal fillers.

Combination packages are available and can be discussed with the experienced Dermal Clinicians during consultation. Please call (03) 8686 5786.

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