Fractora Firm - RF Skin Tightening


An unprecedented RF treatment that precisely and uniformly provides optimal skin contraction temperatures in a manner no other RF technology can.

ACE (Achieve, Control, Extend) is built to Achieve pre-programmed optimal temperatures, Control the thermal profile and the Extend to maintain the temperature for a prolonged thermal treatment without overheating.


Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus offer two configurations of non-invasive sub dermal heating for collagen remodelling for face and body areas. RF flows between the electrodes to provide a comfortable thermal experience. Built in ACE temperature controls allow for the attainment of clinically proven optimal temperatures and, in addition, the exclusive capacity for prolonged exposure at therapeutic temperatures. Reach optimal temperatures quickly and uniformly.

Which areas are suitable to treat with Fractora FIRM?

Any loose skin areas:

Most popular areas are the neck, décolletage, facial laxity, ‘mummy tummy’, arms and buttocks.

For more information or consultation call 03 86865786

For Fractora Firm RF – Skin Tightening treatment appointment or more information call 03 8686 5786

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