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Spider Naevi


What are Spider Naevi?

Spider naevi consist of a small red central vascular lesion surrounded by multiple tiny blood vessels which branch out from the centre creating a spider like appearance. They generally range from 5-10mm in diameter. Spider naevi mainly develop on the face, and can also occur on the upper half of the body. Although generally asymptomatic spider naevi may be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as cirrhosis of the liver, however they can also appear in healthy people, especially pregnant women, and even as a side effect of medication. See telangiectasia / broken capillaries for more information.

Spider Naevi
  • How are Spider Naevi Treated?
  • What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results?

Spider naevi are treated in the same way as broken capillaries with Vascular laser treatment and/or fine probe diathermy. Using a vascular laser is the first choice avoiding unnecessary skin surface injury, the vascular laser coagulates the blood within the bundle of central capillaries and its radiating fine capillaries. In the event of persistent reoccurrence, the Spider Naevus may warrant precision cautery treatment.

The expert Dermal Clinicians at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre will assess and recommend the best treatment solution for the presenting condition.

Immediately after the laser treatment, the area is mildly inflamed. This usually resolves within a few hours to a few days. The treated vessels may appear reddened or darkened, and begin to disappear through the following days to weeks (depending on their location). A calming Jane Iredale mineral makeup powder can be applied post treatment, aiding in covering any redness and provides a SPF20 for sun protection.

The laser treatment causes the vessels to be broken down immediately after which they are gradually removed by the body’s natural immune processes. The Laser treatment does not stimulate new capillary growth nor does it prevent new ones developing.

A comprehensive consultation with a MLAC Senior Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Registered Nurse allows for proper assessment and treatment plan development. Please call our clinical experts on (03) 8686 5786.

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