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The Cosmedix range offers something for every skin type, and so we’re proud to be stockists of Cosmedix products in Australia, offering you a wide range of skin care solutions from this internationally popular brand.

You can find various Cosmedix lines at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre, but if you’re looking for Cosmedix to buy online, then you can find an equally impressive range right here on our website.

Our dermal experts are happy to work with Cosmedix products, because of their commitment to creating products for all skin tones and skin types. These are products with ingredients designed to work with, rather than against, your skin’s natural functions.

What you put on your skin is incredibly important, especially when you are also receiving treatment for acne, scarring, or rosacea. We recommend treatment plans for all of our clients, and can also provide advice for those looking to establish an everyday skin care routine that helps them take better care of their skin’s health.

Cosmedix products now available to buy online from Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre

With a product range that excludes parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and artificial dyes or fragrances, it’s no wonder there has been such demand for Cosmedix sales in Australia. This is a brand that has proudly touted its social responsibility from the outset, with a process of cruelty-free product development that doesn’t use animal testing, and a commitment to eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Also pleasing to note, is the brand’s transparent labelling of ingredients, that allows dermal professionals to recommend the best skin care for their clients.

The range of internationally acclaimed Cosmedix products Australia will love

Cosmedix products cover a range of different skin types and life stages. From products designed to soothe and cleanse young, acne prone skin, to skin solutions rich in retinol and alpha hydroxy acids for ageing or sun-damaged skin.

From everyday moisturisers, to skin care products for specific life stages, or treatment after-care, we try to carry a wide range of Cosmedix products for all our customers.

There are many products in the range that we recommend, because they find the right balance of ingredients. Moisturisers that include rich antioxidant ingredients alongside natural UV protection, are ideal for those who want to address past sun damage, while also protecting themselves against any further harm from UV rays. Cosmedix are well known for this kind of considered combination of ingredients in products that can be used by those undergoing skin treatments or as part of a normal skin care routine.

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