What is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a type of hyperpigmentation that occurs following inflammation. It is observed after acne, trauma and inflammatory conditions. Darker skin types are often are affected predominantly.

How is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation treated?

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation does not pose any medical concern, however when pronounced it is considered unsightly. Treatment of hyperpigmentation involves Q Switch laser treatment and/ or Fractora Fractional RF treatment each often in conjunction with lightening chemical peels, cosmeceutical products which may include lightening agents, vitamin A, C and Niacinamide and diligent use of an effective sunscreen. See online cosmeceutical products for more information.

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What are the immediate post treatment and long term results?

Immediately post treatment the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation may appear darker or unchanged in colour depending on the laser modality used. The area will feel warm and mildly inflamed immediately after treatment and is expected to subside within a few hours of treatment. Over the following weeks, the area will fade in colour as some areas of pigment will be gradually removed by the skin’s natural processes.

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