Keloid Scar Removal


What is a Keloid?

A Keloid is a type of scar which results from an over production of dense fibrous tissue (scar tissue) stimulated by injury. Production of fibrous tissue (scar tissue) is part of the natural wound healing process that is stimulated following injury. It is created/formed/manufactured to protect and repair the wound. In some situations, excessive overgrowth of the fibrous tissue occurs, creating smooth, firm growths termed keloids. Unlike other scars keloids are irregularly shaped and exceed the original wound borders. They most commonly occur on the chest and shoulders however can present anywhere on the body.

How are Keloids treated and removed?

Keloids are not self-resolving and generally re-occur after surgical excision. The Dermal Clinicians at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre are specialised in Keloid treatment and scar removal. A consultation is necessary to assess and develop an individualized treatment plan for the Keloid scars.

The treatment approach to Keloid scars generally involves combined modalities such as; Laser technologies, cautery, fractional resurfacing and scar remodelling techniques. Specific Laser and cautery treatments have proven to effectively reduce fibrotic density, soften and flatten Keloid scars. Vascular laser treatment may be required to address the appearance of visible blood vessels in the Keloid.

What are the immediate and long term effects of treatment?

Depending on the Keloid treatment performed; temporary inflammation and mild swelling or crusting of the Keloid scar. Following a course of treatments a gradual reduction in height and density over a period of several months can be expected with improvement of colour and visibility. Results can vary, however after a course of treatments the Keloid scar is flat and less obvious, blending into the surrounding skin tone and texture. 

Cost for treatment is assessed according to the Keloid requirement. A consultation is necessary with one of the senior Dermal Clinicians or Cosmetic Nurse.

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