MLAC History

The Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre was established by its co-directors; Ms Tania Caputo and Ms Tania Fognini in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD in 1990. In the early 1990’s the partners were the first health professionals to successfully develop and promote an innovative Skin Clinic in Melbourne. Through liaison with various medical professionals, the partners worked with a wide range of medical peeling products enabling them to achieve far superior results to any other centre during that time. The Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre became a highly reputable and successful company incorporating chemical skin peeling, cosmetic injections and were the first to offer IPL technology in 1996.

Over the years, the partners sought to raise the standard in therapeutic treatments by applying themselves to ongoing higher education leading to Bachelor degree qualifications. Today, the directors have been recognised as Melbourne’s leading Dermal Clinicians with extensive Laser experience as well as offering a highly qualified and skilled team of health professionals, leading the way in non-surgical cosmetic therapies. The MLAC team continue to work in close affiliation with various plastic surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioners and endocrinologists. 

From the time of its establishment in 1990 through to 1996 the clinic pioneered trialling the first paramedical range of skincare products available in Australia.    This was at a time when other companies maintained extremely conservative programmes and simply would not embrace the new concepts. In 1996 the partners introduced the first medical IPL system with TGA and FDA approval in the Melbourne CBD. MLAC introduced the new IPL treatment concept and the new concept clinic to the public via several very successful radio campaigns.  With the introduction of Medical IPL, the clinic maintained its dominant position in the Hair Removal market, and then discovered the benefits of IPL on the skin; hence Photorejuvenation was born. 

With the new millennium brought about exciting new developments in laser technologies and cosmetic procedures for skin conditions and in conjunction with the completion of Bachelor degrees in Dermal Therapies, the partners introduced innovative laser treatments as Dermal Clinicians, they became specialised practitioners providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments for dermatological disorders and diseases. In 2007 the clinic relocated from Elizabeth St to Lt Collins St, within Melbourne’s Legal precinct. The new location enabled further expansion comprising Radio Frequency (RF) for skin tightening and body contouring, laser tattoo removal and Skin Needling were introduced into the practice.

In 2008 the collaboration with prominent Plastic surgeon saw the partners trial new Fractional technologies and expand their Melbourne practice into Fractional laser resurfacing for skin rejuvenation and scar reduction. Scar reduction with particular interest in surgical scars, traumatic, self-harm and burn scars.

Today, the Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre represents the highest level of professional standard, reputation and commitment to innovative methods that are both safe and effective. Both women have been innovative and trailblazers, leading their team of professionals to offer the best in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The directors continue to be dedicated to ethical and evidence based practice as well as maintaining ongoing education. Most recently the MLAC has been the first in Victoria to offer the latest in Mixed Fractional Laser Technology identifying the need to harness the benefits of several lasers enabling unparalleled results in resurfacing. The directors continue to pioneer innovative laser therapies in Melbourne for cosmetic procedures and do so with an intuitive knowledge of their clients’ needs.

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