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25th Year Anniversary N

Happy Anniversary! Celebrating 25 Years

This year is Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre’s 25th Anniversary.

It has been an amazing journey so far and everyone at MLAC are so grateful to be a part of it. The opportunities to help people to correct disorders and diseases, rejuvenate, and cosmetically enhance the quality of their skin has been very uplifting. Seeing the transformations and hearing the testimonies truly solidifies our ethical motivations for being in the industry.

The directors were the first health professionals to successfully develop and promote an innovative Skin Clinic in the heart of Melbourne. From the time of its establishment they were the first to offer IPL technology in 1996 and then pioneered trialling the first paramedical range of skincare products available in Australia. With the introduction of Medical IPL, the clinic maintained its dominant position in the Hair Removal market, and then discovered the benefits of IPL on the skin; hence Photo rejuvenation was born. Following the introduction of many other laser technologies, MLAC became the most renowned laser clinic in Melbourne. Most recently the MLAC has been the first in Victoria to offer the latest in Mixed Fractional Laser Technology identifying the need to harness the benefits of several lasers enabling unparalleled results in resurfacing. Today, the directors have been recognised as Melbourne’s leading Dermal Clinicians.

To commemorate our growth we have rebranded our website with a new shopping experience, informative content and a membership scheme. And as a thank you we are offering a sale on all Alexandrite laser hair treatments (*until 16th June 2015, T&C’s apply).

Thank you all for being a part of this journey and we hope to see more of you as the year progresses.

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