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Foods made for your skin! Our guide to maintaining better gut and skin health this Summer.

At Melbourne laser clinic, we love making our clients feel naturally beautiful and confident with our array of anti-ageing treatments and laser treatments for other skin concerns.

However, what we also love is discovering the amazing health and skin benefits that many fruits and foods contain that will give us lifelong naturally healthy bodies and skin!

Our skin is our largest organ and needs just as much care as the rest of our organs, however, what many don’t know is that our gut health is connected to our skin health!

Balancing the right skincare for your skin and a healthy diet at the same time will ensure that you are managing every angle of your body health the best ways possible!

By not looking after your gut and not eating right, your skin could see the consequences!

We’ve done our research and have put together a list of the most beneficial fruits and foods that are guaranteed to better your gut health and make your skin and bodies feel refreshed and renewed!

Leafy Greens

When we were younger we all remember our parents telling us: “Eat your greens!”. This still applies as adults today! Eating dark and leafy greens like spinach, kale, rocket and more, will ensure skin protection and Vitamins like; Vitamin E and C to enter your body and cleanse toxins from your body, maintaining healthy skin.


Naturally packed with fatty acids and natural oils great for moisturising the skin and repairing against damage and sensitivity.


Naturally high in Vitamin C! When consumed, Vitamin C enters the body cleansing and replenishing then in turn, making your skin appear brighter!


Packed with natural oils and Vitamin E which is great for assisting the body with cell renewal, cell repair and protection against any form of skin damage.


Absolutely refreshing and super beneficial to maintaining healthy gut health by cleansing and removing harmful toxins and bacteria from the body and gut, Water is extremely cleansing and hydrating to the skin!


Amazing fruit packed with antioxidants and goodness! Pomegranates are said to be powerhouse workers against freeing radicals from the skin, and repairing the skin from any kind of pigmentation and UV damage.

Omega 3 (Fish)

Choosing foods with high levels of Omega 3, like fish, are packed with natural fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties that work to reduce and work to support the skin against redness, irritation and sensitivity.


Also packed with Vitamin C, Kiwi is amazing at generating healthy blood flow throughout the body and reducing harmful toxins from entering the body. Kiwi is great for maintaining a healthy digestion and providing better collagen production and accelerated cell turnover for youthful looking skin!

There we have it! A list of our favourite health foods that we incorporate into a daily diet to ensure we are keeping both our gut and skin happy and healthy and well-looked after!

To book yourself in for a skin consultation or treatment please call us on: (03) 8686 5786, and we are more than happy to help and guide you through which treatment options are best for you and your skin!

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