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Marionette Line Treatment in Melbourne

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“Youthful Smile With Our Marionette Line Treatment”

What Are Marionette Lines?

Marionette Lines are vertical creases that extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin. The name is derived from puppets which have these vertical lines. These lines form due to a combination of muscle movements during talking or smiling and a reduction in volume and structural support in the lower face due to the natural aging process. Over time, Marionette Lines become more pronounced creating hollow areas and deep wrinkles. Even when you’re not feeling grumpy or unhappy, these lines can mistakenly convey that impression to others. But the Marionette Line treatment at our Melbourne clinic can change all of this!

How Are Marionette Lines Treated?

Fortunately, addressing Marionette Lines is achievable with the expertise of skilled MLAC injectors. The treatment is administered with Dermal Filler injections to achieve a more revitalized and less-lined appearance. The approach focuses on targeting the lines themselves while also replenishing the underlying areas with lost volume. Additionally, other regions of the lower face that have experienced volume loss, stretching from the ear to the chin, may also receive treatment to achieve a smoother overall look. Care is taken to ensure that excessive volume isn’t added to the Marionette area, which can contribute to an aged appearance. The goal of these cosmetic enhancements is to enhance your natural features with a refreshed outcome, always mindful of maintaining proper facial proportions and avoiding overcorrection.

In some instances, Anti Wrinkle injections may also be employed to counteract the downward muscle pull that contributes to Marionette Lines. For more information, you can refer to treatments for a downturned mouth or sad appearance.

Marionette Line Treatment in Melbourne

What Is the Procedure for Marionette Lines Treatment in Melbourne CBD?

At our Melbourne CBD clinic, a comprehensive approach is taken for Marionette Lines treatment with dermal fillers. After a thorough assessment of your face, the treatment area is cleansed, local anaesthetic is applied topically to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Dermal Filler is then skillfully injected using a blunt-ended cannula that minimizes bruising. This approach rejuvenates the Marionette area and the lower face, with a specific focus on addressing the lines. The treatment is generally well-tolerated, minimally invasive, and requires minimal downtime. While some bruising or swelling might occur, it’s advisable to time your treatment with this in mind.

Solutions for Marionette Lines in Melbourne CBD

Precision is of utmost importance when providing Marionette Lines treatment with Dermal Filler to avoid overfilling and an unnatural appearance. Overfilling can also lead to heaviness in the lower face, which can add years to your look. Tailoring each Marionette Line treatment to suit your unique facial structure and needs, a personalized plan is developed to achieve your desired outcome. When you visit Melbourne CBD for Marionette Line treatment, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.

Attaining Natural-Looking Outcomes for Marionette Line Treatments in Melbourne CBD

Conducting a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your face before treatment is integral to achieving a subtle yet impactful enhancement. With a keen aesthetic eye and gentle technique, the Marionette area is optimally treated without creating an artificial appearance. Expect results that exhibit no telltale signs of Dermal Filler treatment—just a rejuvenated face with softened lines and hollows, leading to an overall revitalized lower face and a transformation that appears effortlessly natural.

The clinicians at MLAC can offer many treatment options in combination, and a holistic approach to treatment to achieve long term results. With over 30 years professional experience the clinicians draw on their experience to assess and offer a comprehensive treatment plan for the long term, while also assisting to maintain a fresh and natural appearance at any age. A Rejuvenation appointment can be booked online for a comprehensive facial assessment including laser options or an injectables appointment can be booked for those who prefer a simpler approach.

Any questions about anti-wrinkle injections? Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre clinicians maintain ongoing excellence in their level of care and expertise. Call (03) 8686 5786 for more information about anti wrinkle injections Melbourne.

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